Were You Just Hit By A Hail Storm?

Set Up Your Initial Inspection

Set up an Initial Roof Inspections with Homeland Roofing. Call or Text  (214-326-5026) or email Peter at peter@homelandgc.com   We will arrive and explain the entire process and set realistic expectations.  No surprises, no hard sales pitch, and we will advise you of your next steps

· If you file a claim prematurely, with damages on only one or two slopes of the roof, the insurance adjuster is obligated to report these damages and could only cover half the roof.   This is not what you want. We will provide guidance on when is the best opportunity to make a claim that is worthwhile. 

Call In Your Claim

If upon inspection enough damages are found to warrant a claim, we will advise you to call your insurance provider who will set up an adjuster appointment to survey the damages.   If there are not enough damages once inspected, we can do a low-cost repair to mitigate the situations and wait on the next storm.

We Assist With Adjuster Appointment

We want to help you! As an act in good faith, we will meet the Insurance Adjuster and work on your behalf to earn the trust needed to gain your business. Due to our experience with the claims process we normally identify items that may be overlooked. This means an extra experienced set of eyes working to get you a fair claim. This is what you want!

One On One Consultation With You

Once your Roof is “bought by Insurance”, they will provide you a Scope of Work (Statement of Loss) that outlines all line items covered in your claim. This also outlines all the financials and costs involved with the work needing to be completed. In an Insurance Claim, the Insurance company sets the costs associated with the work.  No need for an estimate as the Insurance company sets these as industry standards. At your convenience we will sit down and go line item by line item through the scope of work  to ensure you understand the entire process.  

Production Scheduled and Executed

The work is scheduled around your time frame not ours.

Detailed Clean Up

Build complete in 1-2 days (on average)

Final Inspection and Payment

All workmanship inspection by our Onsite Project Manager.

We check your attic to ensure all of your vents and pipes are aligned to ensure the safety of you and your family.

We don’t view any job as complete until you are 100% Satisfied! 

We React Fast For Our Customers

We Will Assess All Damages

Our Team is quickly dispatched to understand the severity of the storm damage.

Damage Control

We will minimize immediate threats of more potential damage to your home.

Get The Job Done

Most importantly we will fix things correctly - the way we want it done on our own homes.